Just See It

Five young women walk into a gym…

Are you leaning in to hear the punchline?

There is no rest of the joke because five strong, confident gymnasts walked into the Olympic arena with shoulders back, heads held high, and steely focus in their determined eyes.

visualization for building confidence

And they crushed the competition.

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman said in a recent interview that she and her team strategized about going in with a “fake it till you make it” attitude.  She knew that if they walked into the arena like Olympic Champions, their competition would see them that way.  But this team exhibited more than a cliché about success.

They did make it.

They are the best in the world.  But what about the rest of us who are still working hard toward our goals?  What are you doing to get beyond the “fake it” and actually “make it?”

The “fake it till you make it” concept is only part of the process of building confidence. The first step is to see yourself doing your best.

  1. See crystal clear images of success in your mind
  2. Your brain starts to believe it
  3. Success becomes a reality
  4. Confidence builds
  5. Repeat

Visualizing is also a great way to quiet the anxiety you feel before a big competition. Managing nerves is part of the learning curve that builds confidence and adds experience.  These are the stepping stones to achieving your goals.

See your success before it happens.

Can you see yourself landing a tumbling pass without an inch of movement? Do you picture yourself getting a best time at the next meet?  It’s easy to believe in the power and strength of your body because it feels tangible. On a physical level we know our bodies can perform.

Your confidence muscles need training too.

Are you building the confidence necessary to allow your mind to perform well under pressure? The process of building confidence should be built-in to your training routine. In fact, it can become that go-to practice that helps you perform better.

It’s easy when you know how.

For years we’ve all heard the simple, yet brilliant “just do it,” catchphrase from Nike. It inspired millions of people across an enormous range of fields.  As a High Performance Coach I’m up for creating a new mantra for success:

“Just see it.”

I’ll show you how.

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