Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is performance coaching?

A: An athlete’s coach trains the body to perform the tasks necessary for success in sport.  I train the mind to allow the body to perform well when it counts.

Q: Can an athlete join the community without a parent’s involvement?

A: I recommend having a family member on board for accountability, but you can absolutely join us and get major benefit out of the trainings without an active family member.  You will get access to Rebecca’s personal guidance, the mobile app, and the Mental Toughness Training Vault.

Q: What’s in the Mental Toughness Training Vault?

A: This is my ever-expanding virtual library.  It contains several e-courses including Peak Performance Parenting,  Creating your Pre-Performance Mental Strategy, and Overcoming Fear & Mental Blocks.  It also includes worksheets, video exercises, and audio recordings that have been proven to help athletes overcome anxiety, build confidence, and achieve their goals.

Q: What is the #PerformHappy community?  

A: This is an private web-based community of parents and athlete support squad members.  We come together to guide each other through the ups and downs of raising a competitive athlete.  Members get direct access to me and my extensive sport psychology knowledge in the community forums.

Q: How often should athletes have 1 on 1 sessions?

A:  I work with each individual athlete to schedule sessions strategically.  After we have built a foundation for mental toughness, we will look at your competition and training schedule and work sessions around important events for maximum impact.

Q: Where do 1 on 1 coaching sessions take place?

A: Sessions take place via Skype or FaceTime.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: I am incredibly confident in my services and resources.  Within the first 30 days, if you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll be happy to give you a full refund.

Q: Can I keep my web access after my 1 on 1 package expires?

A: Yes!  You can switch to web training after our 1 on 1 work is complete.  Most athletes want to keep using the mobile app and online resources to stay sharp for performance.

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