Complete Performance Coaching is a team of highly skilled Performance Coaches.

We each specialize in different sports, and offer unique strengths that will allow you or your child to reach peak performance + maximum enjoyment.


We believe that examining the stories we tell ourselves, and taking a look from different angles, can change everything.

Maybe you’re a gymnast with a fear of going backwards.  A swimmer who can’t seem to go any faster.  Or a parent who is clueless about how to help your child succeed.  

We can help.  

Most of our clients start to see amazing results after just a few sessions.  Many feel more confident and less anxious after just the first phone call.

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Rebecca Smith, MA

The Founder and Director of Complete Performance Coaching, Rebecca has a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology, and she has been helping high achievers thrive under pressure for over 15 years.

“I specialize in work with athletes age 8-18 on overcoming fear and anxiety.  As a perfectionist gymnast, I struggled with my own demons.  Then I coached gymnastics, and still couldn’t figure out how to get kids through the mental blocks.  Now, I’m passionate about the science of the mind-body connection.  

I’ve come up with a step-by-step way to help young athletes break through fear and anxiety, build confidence, and find their flow, fast.”  

I work with individuals and teams from all over the US and the world via Skype or FaceTime.  I also meet clients face-to-face in Northern California.

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Diana Lattimore, PhD, CMPC

Diana is passionate about helping athletes find their confidence and inner strength in order to play and compete at their very best.  Diana participated in three sports as a young girl, but she put her basketball uniform and track shoes away in middle school to focus solely on gymnastics.

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Sara Robinson, MA

Sara has worked as a Mental Skills Coach for over a decade. She has worked with recreational and competitive athletes, ages 7 to adult, in just about every sport, but works primarily with competitive gymnasts, cheerleaders, swimmers, and soccer players.

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Eric Stevenson, MA, CMPC

Eric’s passion for helping athletes reach their full potential was sparked by his experience as a former collegiate baseball player. Eric faced the many challenges that come with achieving success, such as injury, nerves, loss of confidence, and loss of motivation.  He worked with a performance coach himself to learn strategies to overcome those challenges.

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Kayla Rossell, MA

Kayla Rossell is a former professional cheerleader and collegiate athlete. Following her collegiate athletic career as a member of the cheerleading, dance and swim teams at Cal State East Bay, she continued professionally by dancing for the 49ers Gold Rush in the NFL.



Taryn Brandt, PsyD, CMPC

Taryn grew up as a competitive figure skater, dancer, and recreational gymnast. She also has experience in skiing, running, soccer, softball, volleyball, and grew up around hockey players.

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