14 Types of Youth Athletes

And what they really need from their support squad.


What’s the most common reason young athletes fall short?


It’s simple.  They lack mental toughness.


Here’s the problem:  when it comes to coaching and supporting kids, what works for one doesn’t always work for another.

  • Talented kids aren’t motivated enough to work hard.
  • Hard workers who lack natural talent lose motivation.
  • Competition fires one kid up, but stresses another one out.
  • If they don’t get what they need from their parents or coaches, they get upset, and they’re tough to deal with.

Great kids fall apart under pressure.  Something that’s supposed to be fun turns into a giant source of stress. Maybe it’s their negative thoughts that keep sabotaging them. Or they don’t know how to maintain focus at key moments.


It’s not because they can’t do it.


Kids get defeated because they don’t know how to maximize their strengths and override weakness.

  • There is no one size fits all approach to mental toughness training (or coaching, or parenting).
  • Different kids need different types of support to reach their goals.
  • To live up to their potential, they need to be taught according to their unique personality.


I’ve been working with athletes age 8-18 for over 15 years.


This report details the 14 different types of athletes I’ve encountered. It also explains what they need from their coaches, mentors and parents.

It also reveals customized mental toughness tips for each type of athlete.

  • Do they need to meditate?
  • To take on a leadership role?
  • To set goals?
  • To rest more?

I’ll explain what each type of athlete needs to focus on to maximize their unique abilities.

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