Top Secret Shooters Package

Do you ever want to win so bad you choke?

You push too hard, go too fast.

You tense up and make stupid mistakes.  Or your equipment fails and you can’t bounce back.  The whole match goes down the toilet.

The nerves kick in and derail performance, or at least take the fun out of it.

Or, you get distracted from the task at hand

When you’re stuck thinking about past mistakes, potential outcomes, or the competition, you can’t get into the flow of shooting.

Most shooters, even the most experienced, don’t know how easy it is to get the mind onboard for better matches.  All the emphasis is on training the technical side, but people leave out the most important part.  Your thinking must be sharp, resilient, and confident in order to be at your best.

There is a simple formula to quiet and still the mind

Have you ever had one of those moments… everything is in balance… you feel the stillness before the shot… you’re one with the firearm… you know you have what it takes…

It’s one of the most enjoyable experiences out there.  I call it “flow.”

Flow theory dictates that when certain mental and physical requirements are in place, a shooter can recreate those flow experiences more and more often.


By popular demand, I’ve put together a ridiculously affordable, lightning fast version of my proven system for success on match day.  I’m not advertising this package (because I never price my services this low!).  It’s only available by word-of-mouth to a select few who are really serious about taking their shooting to the next level.

I’ll help you plan each scenario, using flow theory, so nothing can shake you.

The outcome us up to you… The more you put into the program, the closer you get to peak performance and maximum enjoyment.  In other words, mental toughness training ain’t for sissies!

Sign up for my Top Secret Shooters Package and you’ll get:

  • A FREE 30-minute phone consultation
  • 4 – 60-minute Skype sessions timed around practice matches – immediately apply the strategies we discuss
  • Exercises to re-wire the brain for flow

Session 1: Complete match profile

Session 2: The days before

Session 3: Match day

Session 4: Critical moments & mistakes

Investment: only $85/session (normally $145)

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