The Flow Formula

Research shows that when athletes have certain characteristics, they are more likely to tap into the necessary mindset for peak performance.

That mindset allows them to get out of their head and into the game.

It allows them to live up to their full potential.

When adolescent and teenage athletes are under pressure, they get stressed, which can make working with them tough.

When they don’t perform as well as they practice…

  • They get upset 
  • They lose motivation
  • They forget why they started training in the first place

Many young athletes fall short during this critical time.

They need a way to build confidence, cope with stress and manage emotions.  Otherwise, they don’t have control over their mind or body.

When kids find their peak performance mindset, they… 

  • Train more efficiently
  • Perform better when the stakes are high
  • Relax and have more fun training and competing
  • Are more fun to be around!

That’s why I created…


THE flow Formula 

Flow = Peak Performance + Maximum Enjoyment


WHO: Youth sport teams that want a competitive edge


  • Brain training program designed for up-and-coming athletes.
  • Athletes learn ways to cope with stress, and develop a personal system to get in the zone for competition.
  • Kids & teens train their minds to get control of their bodies.
  • Developed by Mental Toughness Expert Rebecca Smith, who specializes in work with young athletes.
  • Based on Flow Theory research – the science of peak performance.


  • 10 powerful mental toughness team sessions with Rebecca
  • Experiential exercises & activities to re-wire the brain for success
  • FREE Peak Performance Parent Workshop
  • 2 FREE coach meetings
  • Materials
  • Discounted individual sessions for participants

Session 1: Teambuilding & Awareness

Session 2: Intention

Session 3: Focus & Mindfulness

Session 4: Imagery

Session 5: Thoughts

Session 6: Dealing with Emotions

Session 7: Confidence & Control

Session 8: Energy Management

Session 9: Routines

Session 10: Automation & Reflection

WHERE: At your Bay Area training facility, or live online via Skype

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