Figure Skaters

The most common problem I help skaters through is FEAR.  It come in two forms:

  1. Self-Doubt in Practice

You’re the skater that has miserable practices because you get stuck on jumps.  You know your body is capable, but you can’t make yourself “just do it.”

It’s a fear you can’t quite describe except it’s like you have cement blocks on your feet.  What’s really frustrating is that you were never afraid of falling before and you used to commit to every jump. Even though you might not feel like you’re afraid to fall, something is off in how you’re approaching jumps that wasn’t there before.  When it gets bad, the doubt can even transfer to other jumps.

You’re tired of hiding from other people when you attempt jumps that should be easy for you.  You feel totally out of control when you can’t make your body do what you want it to.  You just want to do your jumps and get your confidence back.  Interestingly enough, you’re probably the skater that does great under pressure, but you never know what to expect at practice.  Or…

  1. Competition Anxiety

You’re the skater who is great in practice.  Predictable.  Clean programs, not a lot of drama.  Then when the pressure is on, you become a completely different person.  You melt down.  You shut down.  You can’t go big.  You get so worried about messing up, that it messes you up.  You might even get so tense that your parents and coaches can’t talk to you before you compete or you’ll freak out.  If only you could compete like you practice, you would be on that podium!

Here’s why these situations are so common:

Coaches are great at perfecting the physical side of skating, but you’re missing some critical mental skills.  If the mind-body connection isn’t strong enough, you can’t live up to your maximum potential.  Mental training is so individual that even the most skilled coach can’t address everyone’s needs.

When you add in mental toughness training, you don’t have to wonder if you’ll melt down.  You will know exactly what to do when your heart starts to pound, or when you start to feel that doomy, pit-of-the-stomach feeling.

My main passion is working with young female athletes.

I wasn’t one of those athletes I just described.  I was both.  I was a gymnast and I would stand on the beam shuffling my feet back and forth, wiping the nonexistent sweat off my hands for 15 minutes, and then still not end up going for my skills.  I can’t tell you how many times I was yelled at because I wouldn’t go for stuff.  I also shook so bad at my first competition that the judges took deductions for wobbles.  It was not pretty.

I have been a competitive gymnast, a coach, and a High Performance Coach with a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology.  I specialize in helping athletes age 8-18 come up with a customized mental game plan to reach peak performance and maximum enjoyment.  I’d love to give you some ideas that can help you maximize your skating career.

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