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Sara Robinson, MA

Sara Robinson, MA, has worked as a Mental Skills Coach for over a decade. She has worked with recreational and competitive athletes, ages 7 to adult, in just about every sport, but works primarily with competitive gymnasts, cheerleaders, swimmers, and soccer players. She consults with individual athletes and teams, as well as presents to coaches and parents about mental skills to best support their athletes.

Sara believes every athlete and performer can benefit from mental skills training, and introduces techniques and strategies in ways that are fun, interesting, and appropriate to the client’s age and sport. She loves teaching clients new skills, supporting their goals, and helping achieve more consistent performance.

In addition to consulting, Sara is a freelance writer, contributing to sites like SportKid Live, The LPGA Network, RunSmart Online, and the Positive Routines blog. She is a former faculty member and supervisor for John F. Kennedy University’s Sport Psychology Department and is an editor and author for the book Excelling in Sport Psychology: Planning, Preparing, and Executing Applied Work.

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  • Decreasing fear and mental blocks
  • Increasing fun and enjoyment
  • Enhancing communication
  • Building confidence
  • Gymnastics
  • Cheerleading
  • Swimming
  • Soccer