Meet Coach Kayla

Kayla Rossell, MA

Kayla's very successful six year career with the 49ers included many accomplishments such as, dancing at the Super Bowl and being named team captain. All while, she facilitated weekly sport psychology seminars for the 49ers cheerleaders that specifically focused on mental skills that they can utilize on game day.


Her experience with the 49ers Organization, has given her the opportunity to witness first-hand how sport psychology techniques can be implemented and utilized to positively impact professional athletes' performance. Therefore, she is not only passionate about working with football players and dancers in the realm of sport psychology but has the tools, experience and knowledge to do so at the highest level.


Kayla is currently a choreographer and dance teacher in the Bay Area. She is the founder and CEO of her own dance business that focuses on providing dancers the opportunity to let their inner confidence shine on the dance floor through the art of dance and mental skills techniques.


In addition to teaching dance, Kayla works as a high school counselor where she gets to connect, teach and support young adults through their daily challenges. Kayla's working experience has been supplemented by an array of sport and clinical psychology internships that focus on enhancing the performance of teenaged dancers, cheerleaders and football players. Kayla is extremely excited to share her experiences, knowledge and techniques as it is her passion to help athletes reach their full potential through the power of sport psychology.


  • Dancers
  • Cheerleaders
  • Swimmers
  • Football Players
  • Basketball Players
  • Collegiate Athletes
  • Enhancing Self-Confidence
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Team Dynamics


  • Bachelors Degree in Psychology
  • Masters Degree in Sport Psychology
  • In her 4th year as a Clinical Psychology doctorate student at JFK University