Meet Coach Eric

Eric Stevenson, MA, LPC, CMPC

Eric's goal today is to provide athletes facing similar challenges the ability to improve their performance and provide them the resources and knowledge to reach their full potential.

Eric’s main focus is to enhance the overall performance of athletes by implementing techniques centered on building confidence, motivation, reducing performance anxiety, controlling emotions, and goal setting.  Coach Eric has had the opportunity to work with athletes from every level.

He has worked with Olympic competitors, professional golfers, collegiate athletes, and many High School and Middle School athletes. He learned no matter your age or level, everyone can benefit with an open mind and proper guidance.

Currently, Eric is competing in local golf tournaments where he is able to test his own mental strength, ability, and maintain his competitive spirit.

To see if working with Eric is a fit for you or your child, let's chat!  

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  • Building Confidence
  • Performing Under Pressure
  • Overcoming Fear/Mental Blocks
  • Dealing with or Returning from Injury
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Figure Skating
  • Diving
  • Gymnastics
  • Golf


  • Masters in Counseling with a Specialization in Sport and Health Psychology from Adler University in Chicago
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Certified Mental Performance Coach through AASP (Association for Applied Sport Psychology)