Meet Coach Diana

Diana Lattimore, PhD, CMPC

Diana is passionate about helping athletes find their confidence and inner strength in order to play and compete at their very best. Although Diana participated in three sports as a young girl, she put her basketball uniform and track shoes away in middle school to focus solely on gymnastics. Diana went on to compete at a Division I university, and despite a major injury her freshman year that sidelined her for over 13 months, she was able to come back to finish a great collegiate gymnastics career.

That injury paved the way to her career in Sport Psychology where she has been helping athletes for the past 10 years gain mental strength to not only get back in the sports they love, but also thrive in them.

Diana works with individual athletes as well as teams, specializing in working with injured athletes and those athletes who have lost their confidence along the way. She is a certified mental performance coach, an associate professor, National-rated gymnastics judge, and still an athlete at heart. Diana holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Exercise & Sport Science with a specialization in Sport Psychology, and a PhD in Exercise Science.

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