for athletes & their parents

How to help your athlete reach their BIG DREAM goals without sacrificing their joy (or your sanity)

If everyone can see your athlete's potential, but they can’t shake the self-doubt, this training is for you!


- The 3 BIGGEST mistakes athletes & sport parents make that kill confidence

- How to BREAK THROUGH MENTAL BLOCKS like fear & anxiety

- My 5-step framework for developing the MIND OF A CHAMPION

"My daughter is a level 10 gymnast and developed mental blocks and was losing confidence in herself. Talking with Rebecca helped my daughter regain confidence as well as restore her love for the sport. She is much happier with herself, in and out of gym, and has learned new methods to help her problem solve and cope with difficult situations."

-Parent of 14-year-old gymnast

"I can’t thank Rebecca enough for what she has done for me. I am more excited about races instead of dreading them and almost having a breakdown. I can confidently say my dives have gotten better, and I just smashed a 6,550 meter workout BY MYSELF!"

-Lydia, 13-year-old swimmer

"Working with Rebecca was one of the best experiences and best choices I could have made for my athletic career, as well as my life. She coached me on how to be confident in myself, how to reap the most from my athletic abilities, and how to keep my attitude and my emotions in check while competing."

-Ava, Gymnast

"Working with Rebecca helped me overcome my self-doubts and gain more confidence in my swimming. Her tips and tricks were important tools that helped me get the time cuts I needed to go to an important summer championship swim meet."

-Alice, Swimmer

"Coach Rebecca is relatable, nice, and good at explaining things. When a child is trying to get over a mental hurdle, the help can actually start feeling like part of the hurdle--just another thing to handle. But with Rebecca, the help really felt like help, like relief. I like that Rebecca's work is all about giving kids additional skills--skills that will help them in their sport, but more importantly, in their life. "

-Mother of a gymnast


Rebecca Smith is the founder and CEO of Complete Performance Coaching and the PerformHappy mental training program.  She has been helping high achievers thrive under pressure for over 20 years. 

A recovering perfectionist, former gymnast, and coach, Rebecca struggled with mental blocks for years before they destroyed her gymnastics career.

Rebecca uses an evidence-based approach that allows young athletes to build lasting confidence and learn to trust themselves so they can reach their full sport potential. 

"I’m so glad you’re here. I can’t wait to help your athlete become the champion they were meant to be.

Your athlete will learn key skills to find their voice and build lasting confidence in sport and life!" -Rebecca