Australian Elite Gymnast Emma Nedov on her Comeback and the Road to Paris

I’m excited to share today’s PerformHappy podcast episode with you. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing the incredible Australian elite gymnast, Emma Nedov. Emma initially retired from gymnastics in 2020, transitioning into life after the sport. However, less than a year ago, she decided to make a comeback and set her sights on competing in the Paris Olympics.

Our conversation was inspiring and packed with insights drawn from Emma’s 20 years of experience in elite gymnastics. She shared her journey back to the gym and the mindset that keeps her focused on her goals. Emma’s wisdom and approach to training—taking it one day at a time—are lessons every gymnast can benefit from.

Whether you’re a gymnast or pursuing any other goal, Emma’s story and advice are sure to provide you with valuable nuggets of wisdom. Tune in to hear her unique perspective on the sport and life, and get inspired by her determination and resilience.

In this episode, Coach Rebecca and Emma Nedov talk about:

Comeback of Emma Nedov; Elite Gymnast After 3.5 years off, Aiming for Paris Olympics.

Setting and Achieving Goals in Gymnastics, Balancing Big Dreams with Present Moment Focus. 

Disappointment and Resilience in Olympic Qualification. 

From Elite Gymnast to Nutrition Coach: Overcoming Post-Retirement Weight Gain and Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle.

Importance of Nutrition, Rest, and Mental Training for Gymnasts. 

The Keys to Unlocking Your Potential and Achieving Goals.

Turning Setbacks into Success.

Chasing Olympic Dreams Emma’s Mindset, Purpose, and Inspiration.

“I don’t think that there’s such thing as failure, they’re just lessons.” – Emma Nedov.

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