Winning with Joy with Champion Culture Coach Becky Beaulieu

I’m thrilled to share today’s podcast episode where I had an incredible conversation with Becky Beaulieu, Champion Culture Coach extraordinaire. Becky brings a unique blend of experience as a former licensed psychologist, NCAA head coach, and mental health liaison for athletics. She’s worked with teams like the University of Illinois, Long Island University, and the Saint Paul Saints.

In our discussion, Becky dives into what you can do to elevate the standards of your team without increasing the pressure. Achieve more success and joy by making pivotal changes to your team’s culture. Becky’s approach is all about fostering an environment where athletes can thrive both mentally and physically.

Becky began her athletic career at the age of three, participating in soccer, track, gymnastics, and fast-pitch softball. Standing at 4’11”, she found her calling as a competitive gymnast, becoming a two-time National Champion at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. With four national championship teams and seven All-American honors under her belt, Becky’s athletic prowess is matched by her academic achievements. She holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology, a Master’s degree, and has completed 45 credits towards an EdS. Degree.

Becky’s coaching career at UW-Stout is legendary. She guided teams to remarkable finishes at the National Championships and coached the first team in school history to win a conference championship. Her success includes coaching eight individual national champions and mentoring 66 All-Americans. Beyond gymnastics, Becky’s role as a mental health liaison allowed her to counsel and support athletes across various sports.

In this episode, Becky shares her philosophy that success isn’t just about winning—it’s about creating a joyful and supportive environment. Through her extensive experience, she offers practical tips on how to observe, intervene, and recommend changes that foster a positive team culture.

Tune in to learn from Becky’s wealth of knowledge and experience. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies to uplift your team’s culture and, ultimately, their success and joy.

In this episode, Coach Rebecca and Becky Beaulieu talk about:

From Gymnastics Coach to Culture Consultant, Becky Beaulieu Journey to Team Success.

Team Dynamics, Roles, and Culture in Gymnastics.

Creating a Shared Vision and Values for Gymnastics Teams to Improve Performance.

How to Make Gymnastics Fun and Enjoyable for Kids.

Setting Standards.

Prioritizing Well-Being to Transform Culture and Athlete Happiness.

“Gymnasts are at their best when they’re given permission to not only like be happy, but be who they are authentically.” – Becky Beaulieu.

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