Preventing Bullying in Youth Sports with Jaime Hamilton

On today’s PerformHappy Podcast episode, I’m thrilled to welcome Professor Jaime Hamilton. She’s not just any expert; she’s a communication guru and a fierce advocate for bullying awareness. 

Jaime, founded The Comm Experts to bridge the gap between higher education and real-world contexts, with a focus on bully prevention and awareness. With over 20 years of experience teaching in higher education, Jaime is passionate about helping people communicate effectively to enhance all areas of life.

Bullying in youth sports is a reality many of us face, whether it’s from a mean girl, an overbearing coach, or even a not-so-nice mom. But fear not, because Professor Hamilton is here to arm us with practical strategies to combat it.

In this episode, we’re diving deep into the trenches of prevention and response. Professor Hamilton doesn’t just sprinkle advice; she dishes out concrete steps to tackle bullying head-on. From setting up a training environment that squashes bullying before it even starts to navigating the tough terrain if your own kid is the one causing harm, she’s got you covered.

Disclaimer; this conversation delves into some heavy topics including abuse and suicide. So, please, take care while listening.

Stay strong, stay empowered, and let’s make youth sports a safer, kinder space for all.

In this episode, Coach Rebecca and Jaime Hamilton talk about:

Emotional Abuse in Gymnastics and its Impact on Young Athletes.

Bullying Awareness and Communication Strategies for Kids.

Using Words to Reduce Bullying Power Dynamics. 

How to Respond to Bullying from Authority Figures.

Overcoming Bullying with Support and Resilience.

How Parents Can Advocate for Children’s Mental Health and Safety in Sports.

How Parents can Approach Coaches to Address Concerns about their Child’s Sports Performance.

Setting Boundaries and Promoting Positivity in Gymnastics Teams. 

How to Address Bullying Behavior in Children. 

Communication and Anti-Bullying Strategies.

“Never walk away from a bully.” – Jaime Hamilton.

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