Setting Kids Up for Collegiate Success with Gymnastics Coach Karen Medellin

Welcome to another episode of the PerformHappy Podcast! Today, I’m excited to share a conversation I had with Gymnastic Coach and Owner of 360 Elite Gymnastics, Karen Medellin. We dive into how to balance the pursuit of athletic achievement with personal happiness, especially when aiming for college scholarships.

As a former elite gymnast herself and now a coach, Karen brings a personal perspective to managing the pressures young athletes face. We discuss the importance of mental wellness during competitive seasons and how to tackle mental blocks that athletes often encounter.

Karen’s coaching philosophy is shaped by her own experiences. After a career-ending injury and a shift from athlete to coach, she emphasizes the need to create a supportive environment that focuses on the well-being of athletes as much as their performance. 

Our discussion also touches on setting realistic goals with each athlete and aligning their training to match their personal and athletic aspirations. Karen’s approach ensures that athletes feel supported, happy, and successful.

This episode is essential for parents, coaches, and young athletes looking to understand how to succeed in sports while maintaining a healthy and happy life. Tune in to gain insights from an expert in the field.

In this episode, Coach Rebecca and Coach Karen talk about:

How to Have Fun and Win in Gymnastics.

Communication Strategies for Coaches, Parents, and Athletes.

Why Pressure Makes Diamonds.

3 Tips For Building Confidence.

Exactly What To Do When You Get a Mental Block During Season.

The Most Important Qualities a Gymnasts Needs to Get into a College Gymnastics Program.

What Parents Need to Do to Set Their Athletes Up for Success.

“Coaching can’t be 100% just corrections.” – Coach Karen Medellin

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