Preventing Injuries and Building Strength in Young Gymnasts with Dr. Jenny Borda PT, DPT

Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s crucial for the longevity and success of young gymnasts: injury prevention and strength building. And who better to guide us through this than the esteemed gymnastics physical therapist, Dr. Jenny Borda PT, DPT.

Dr. Borda shares her expert advice on how young gymnasts can stay healthy and achieve their full potential in the sport. One key point is the importance of proactive injury prevention. This includes proper strength training, flexibility exercises, and mastering the correct techniques early on.

Injury prevention isn’t just physical. Dr. Borda stresses the need for a strong mental game. Young athletes should learn stress management and resilience, with coaches and parents providing essential support by encouraging open communication about any pains or concerns.

We also discuss practical tips for daily practice: effective warm-ups, appropriate cool-downs, and the benefits of varied training to keep the body well-rounded and less prone to overuse injuries.

This episode is packed with actionable advice for gymnasts, parents, and coaches to help maintain both physical and mental fitness.

In this episode, Coach Rebecca and Dr. Jenny Borda talk about:

Conquering Backward Skills Challenges.

How to Overcome Gymnastics Injuries.

Prevent Injuries in Gymnastics with this Expert Advice. 

Does Strength Training Decrease Flexibility?

Managing Gymnastics Injuries and Pain.

Are Coaches Listening? When to Speak Up about Pain or Discomfort in Sports.

Tips for Returning to Training after Injury.

Avoiding Injury Mental Blocks. 

“Pain isn’t normal for gymnasts.” – Dr. Jenny Borda

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