Building Flexibility the Right Way with Shelby McNamara

In our latest episode of the PerformHappy podcast, we sit down with Shelby McNamara a former American rhythmic gymnast on the USA National Team and the founder of FlexAbilities, a flexibility training program for dancers, figure skaters, and gymnasts. Her flexibility training program combines flexibility, strength, and ballet technique. 

Shelby’s story is one of resilience and determination, from her late start in rhythmic gymnastics to her innovative approach to training. Her journey into the world of sports began at the age of five, driven by a dream to wear the national team jacket. Despite setbacks and changes in sports, her determination never wavered. Transitioning through gymnastics, diving, and figure skating, Shelby finally found her passion in rhythmic gymnastics. Her journey to elite training in Chicago was marked by long hours and rigorous practices, shaping her understanding of dedication and discipline.

Reflecting on her experiences, Shelby recognized the need for a healthier approach to flexibility training. Drawing from her own journey, she developed FlexAbilities, focusing on proper technique and respect for the body’s limits. Her method emphasizes safety and body awareness, moving away from harmful practices prevalent in the past.

During our conversation, Shelby provides valuable insights into her training philosophy and the core principles that drive FlexAbilities. Her story serves as a reminder of the significance of tuning into our bodies and reconsidering conventional approaches to achieve flexibility.

In this episode, Coach Rebecca and Shelby McNamara talk about:

Shelby’s Journey to the USA National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. 

What Does Rythmic Training and Stretching Look Like?

A New Approach to Increasing Flexibility.

Tips and Strategies to Improve Flexibility in Extremely Tight Powerhouse Gymnasts.

Examples of Stretches and Routines to Achivce All Three Splits.

“Anyone can be flexible you just have to be willing to put in the effort and do the work.” – Shelby McNamara

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