Raising Confident Humans – A Conversation with Gymnastics Coach Peterson Pierre

In today’s PerformHappy Podcast episode, we take a different approach in anticipation of the upcoming release of my book, “Parenting Through Mental Blocks.” Rather than hosting, I had the privilege of being the interviewee, engaging in a focused conversation with gymnastics coach Peterson Pierre on his podcast, Heated Conversations. 

With over a decade and a half of coaching experience, Peterson has worked with athletes ranging from young adolescents to Division 1 collegiate programs. As a former two-sport Division 3 athlete himself, his passion for people shines through in his commitment to helping individuals achieve their life goals by drawing on the lessons learned from sports. Owner of Heat Performance, Peterson’s mission is to teach and enhance athletes’ overall athleticism through diverse training methods, fostering improvement in both sports and life. His purpose is to walk alongside athletes, serving as an example so they can lead the current generation and those to come.

We cover a range of topics, including mental blocks, my personal sports background, and practical tips for both parents and coaches. The episode aims to give you a practical look at what you can expect from the strategies discussed in my book, which is being released on February 29th.

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Tune in for a balanced discussion that delves into practical solutions for navigating the challenges associated with mental blocks. 

In this episode, Coach Rebecca and Peterson Pierre talk about:

How to Navigate Gymnastics and Parenting.

Understanding Athletes’ Emotions, Shift from Fear to Solutions.

Positive Discipline in Gymnastics Coaching. Encouraging Ownership and Embracing Failure.

Coaching Gymnastics with Fun and Productivity. 

Tips on How to Communicate with and Empowering Athletes. 

The Dangers of Labelling Athletes with “Potential”.

Simple 3-Step Strategy for Mental Block Success.

The Secret to Overcoming Self-Doubt.

Mental Training for Athletes.

How to Master a Growth Mindset.

Peterson Pierre’s Website: https://heatperformance.org/

Peterson Pierre’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachpetiejr/

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