Culture Practices That Keep Kids in Sports Longer with Coach Vahid and Coach John-Mark from Unify Athletics

Welcome back to another exciting episode of PerformHappy Podcast! Today, I’m thrilled to bring you insights from two exceptional coaches, Vahid and John-Mark from Unify Athletics. These dynamic coaches have created a gymnastics culture that not only produces outstanding results but also fosters a sense of community that keeps athletes coming back for more. With 11 graduating seniors and eight juniors, they’ve cracked the code to keeping kids in sports longer. Let’s dive into the secrets behind their success and learn how they’ve built a gym where athletes thrive and families are proud to be a part of the journey.

Coach Vahid’s Journey:

Coach Vahid, with a decade of coaching experience, stumbled into gymnastics and found his true calling. After facing challenges in a previous gym, he decided to forge his own path. In a leap of faith, he started Unify Athletics, initially training in unconventional spaces such as a CrossFit gym. The gym has now evolved over two years, proving that passion and dedication can turn dreams into reality. Coach Vahid emphasizes that the gym exists because a community believed in it, not just because of coaching expertise or business acumen. This philosophy serves as their guiding principle, grounding them in their commitment to creating a unique and positive gymnastics experience.

Coach John-Mark’s Background:

Coach John-Mark, with over a decade of gymnastics experience, joined forces with Coach Vahid after crossing paths at competitions. Gymnastics being a small world, their shared values and coaching philosophy led to a partnership built on mutual respect. Even during the pandemic, as Coach John-Mark moved away, the dream of owning a gym together persisted. When the opportunity finally arose, they seized it, uniting their expertise to create a gymnastics haven.

Unify Athletics thrives on a culture that prioritizes community and athlete well-being. Both coaches stress the importance of teamwork and shared values. Coach Vahid emphasizes daily reminders that the gym exists because of the collective desire for it. This mindset keeps them grounded and dedicated to maintaining a positive coaching philosophy.

If you’re seeking the secrets to cultivating happy, healthy, and successful gymnasts, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Coaches Vahid and John-Mark from Unify Athletics share their unique journey, emphasizing the power of community, shared values, and a steadfast commitment to positive coaching. Tune in and unlock the blueprint for creating a gymnastics culture that keeps kids in the sport for the long haul. Happy listening!

In this episode, Coach Rebecca, Coach Vahid, and Coach John-Mark talk about: 

Unveiling the Secrets to Longevity and Success in Gymnastics

The Gym Culture Blueprint: How to Create a Positive Atmosphere That Elevates Performance and Joy.

How to Keep Teenage Gymnasts in the Sport Longer.

Nurturing Well-Rounded Athletes: Youth Sports Philosophy and Role Dynamics.

Decoding Roles and Responsibilities: The Gymnastics Team Success Formula.

Empowering Gymnasts Through Coaching Methods. 

Fostering Growth Beyond Gymnastics with a ‘Humans First’ Mentality.

Setting Standards but Making Exceptions.

“In a gymnastics gym, your product is your coaches, it’s not if you have a state of the art facility because if the coaching isn’t great, or mean or neglectful, then the kid’s aren’t going to enjoy their time there or want to come back”. – Coach Vahid and Coach John-Mark

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