Avoiding Burnout with NCAA star, Elite gymnast, and Mental Coach Briley Casanova

Welcome back to another empowering episode of PerformHappy, the podcast that dives deep into the world of sports psychology and mental wellness for athletes. In today’s episode, we are thrilled to have a very special guest, Briley Casanova, a former two-time USA Gymnastics National Team member and the esteemed team captain of the University of Michigan Gymnastics—Go Blue! Briley has transitioned from her illustrious gymnastics career to become a dedicated mental coach, specializing in supporting gymnasts and college-hopeful athletes facing mental blocks and pressure situations. Briley’s unique journey, from elite gymnast to mental coach, has equipped her with unparalleled insights into the challenges young athletes face. Join us as we explore Briley’s journey and glean insights into avoiding burnout in the high-stakes world of competitive sports.

As the team captain of the University of Michigan gymnastics squad (Go Blue!), Briley’s experiences on the national stage and in collegiate gymnastics make her a beacon of guidance for college hopefuls. Her expertise shines as she shares strategies for overcoming mental blocks, helping gymnasts rise above fear and anxiety to reach their full potential.

One of Briley’s specialties lies in cultivating relaxation under pressure. She unveils the secrets to staying calm and focused during crucial moments, ensuring athletes not only navigate pressure but thrive in it. Briley’s wisdom extends beyond the gym, as she discusses the importance of balance and self-care to avoid burnout in adulthood.

In this episode, Briley Casanova delivers practical advice and real-life anecdotes, making it a must-listen for gymnasts, coaches, and parents invested in the mental well-being and success of young athletes. So, join us as we explore the mental game with Briley, unraveling the secrets to performing at your peak and avoiding burnout in the pursuit of athletic excellence.

In this episode, Coach Rebecca and Briley Casanova talk about: 

5 Tips for Avoiding Burnout in Gymnastics.

How Better Sleep Can Prevent Mental Blocks.

The Number 1 Thing Parents Need to Stop Doing Which is Hindering their Gymnasts Potential. 

Embracing Imperfection.

Navigating Failure to Increase Personal Growth and Success.

The Impact of Parenting and Commitment in Youth Sports.

The Difference Between a Hard Season and Not Loving Your Sport. 

How to Cope with Difficult Situations in Life and Sports. 

Overcoming Mistakes and Learning from Them. 

“Failures are where we find success”. – Briley Casanova