Making Gymnastics a Better Place with Jaclyn Riemer

Hey everyone! Welcome to a special episode of the PerformHappy Podcast. I’m thrilled to have a fantastic guest with me today – Jacqueline Raymer, widely known as Gym Coach Jackie on the internet. Not only is she a coach with a great sense of humor, but she’s also an inspiring adult gymnast making waves in the world of gymnastics. In this episode, we dive into the world of gymnastics, coaching, and how Jaclyn is contributing to making gymnastics a better place for everyone involved.

We explore her journey, from being a coach to stepping back into the world of competitive gymnastics as an adult. The conversation promises to be both entertaining and insightful, offering a glimpse into the multifaceted world of Jaclyn aka Gym Coach Jackie.

We delve into the challenges and triumphs of working with young gymnasts, sharing anecdotes that every coach and gymnastics enthusiast can relate to. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, and Jaclyn’s humor adds a refreshing touch to the conversation.

As we navigate through our conversation, Jaclyn opens up about her mission to make gymnastics a better place. We discuss the importance of creating a positive and nurturing environment for young athletes, emphasizing the impact coaches can have on shaping the culture of the sport. Jaclyn’s dedication to this cause shines through as she shares her insights and strategies for fostering a healthier and more supportive gymnastics community.

It’s clear that Jaclyn is not only making a significant impact in the gymnastics world but also contributing to a positive and enjoyable culture within the sport. Her journey as a coach, adult gymnast, and advocate for a better gymnastics environment is truly inspiring. So, let’s all join in and follow Gym Coach Jackie for a daily dose of laughter and insights into the world of gymnastics:

In this episode, Coach Rebecca and Jaclyn Riemer talk about: 

00:00 Gym Coach Jackie’s Gymnastics Journey, Mental Blocks, and Coaching.

07:40 From Coaching to Competing, Embracing Individuality.

16:18 How gymnastics can prioritize mental health for thriving athletes.

22:11 Breaking Limits, Fostering Confidence, and Embracing Diversity in Skills

26:56 Inclusivity in Gymnastics Coaching for Every Athlete, Regardless of Skill Level.

“I love making people laugh. For stressful situations, sometimes the best way to cope is to laugh.” – Jaclyn Riemer