Performing Under Pressure with Retired Fighter Pilot Tammy Barlette

Welcome to another empowering episode of the PerformHappy Podcast! Today, I have the privilege of sitting down with the remarkable Tammy Barlette, a retired fighter pilot whose journey takes us from the skies to the gymnastics arena. Tammy not only brings her extensive experience as a fighter pilot but also her role as a former gymnast and a dedicated gymnastics mom.

In our engaging conversation, Tammy shares invaluable insights into performing under pressure, overcoming fear, and conquering self-doubt. Whether you’re an athlete, coach, parent, or a business professional, the wisdom Tammy imparts is universally applicable, offering actionable tips that you can incorporate into your life immediately.

Let’s dive into Tammy’s extraordinary background. After two decades of dedicated service, Tammy retired from the Air Force in 2018. During her illustrious career, she soared through the ranks, ultimately becoming an instructor pilot in the T-38 Talon—the primary trainer for fighter/bomber aircraft. Her resume includes mastering the T-37 Tweet, the A-10 Warthog, the MQ-1 Predator, and the MQ-9 Reaper. Graduating from the prestigious US Air Force Weapons School, Tammy accumulated over 3000 flight hours, with more than 1500 hours of combat support time in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our conversation delves into Tammy’s experiences in the cockpit, where high-stakes situations are part of the job description. She shares how the principles of discipline, focus, and resilience that she honed as a fighter pilot are directly applicable to overcoming fear in any arena of life. Whether you’re facing a challenging routine, a critical business presentation, or a personal goal, Tammy’s insights will inspire you to embrace fear as a stepping stone to success.

Self-doubt is a universal challenge, and Tammy opens up about her own battles with it. Drawing on her experiences both in the air and on the ground as a gymnastics mom, she provides practical strategies for silencing the inner critic. From positive affirmations to visualization techniques, Tammy’s advice empowers you to build confidence and trust in your abilities.

Performing under pressure is where Tammy truly shines. With a focus on mental toughness and preparation, she shares how she navigated intense combat situations and relates those principles to excelling in the spotlight. Whether you’re an athlete gearing up for a competition, a coach strategizing for a crucial game, or a professional preparing for a big presentation, Tammy’s strategies will elevate your performance to new heights.

I encourage you to take Tammy’s lessons to heart. The skies may be vast, but the principles of performing under pressure are universal. Whether you’re aiming for victory in the air or on the mat, Tammy Barlette’s journey and wisdom remind us that we all have the power to soar to new heights.

“We all have areas of weaknesses which we have to work on. But you make more impact on your success if you work on your strengths, and even make them even better.” Tammy Barlette

In this episode, Coach Rebecca and Tammy Barlette talk about: 

How Mental Performance Training for Fighter Pilots can Help Gymnasts.

Strategies for Success in High-Pressure Situations.

Embracing Uniqueness and Setting Personal Goals.

A Parent’s Role in Supporting Individual Growth in Sports.

Tammy’s Tips for Conquering Mental Blocks in Gymnastics.

Flying and Flipping: Building Mental Toughness in Gymnastics Through Trust and Quick Decision-Making

Mastering Mental Preparation for Gymnastics Competitions.

Managing Negative Thoughts and Controlling One’s Focus.

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