The #1 Reason Mental Blocks Keep Coming Back


Today on the PerformHappy podcast, I want to delve into the most significant obstacle that keeps mental blocks persistently resurfacing. This is the very reason that led me to quit gymnastics at the tender age of 14. My hope is that by discussing it today, we can shed light on what’s truly keeping your young athlete stuck, and more importantly, how to break free from this relentless cycle.

So, what is the #1 reason that mental blocks keep coming back?

For me, this reason manifested as a mental block so debilitating that it felt insurmountable. It’s a feeling that many athletes can relate to, where the sport you once loved starts to feel like a burden. You may even consider quitting, just as I did.

But there’s hope. You don’t have to surrender to the fear of failure. You can overcome mental blocks and reignite your passion for your sport. 

It’s essential to understand that mental blocks are not just a part of the game but a formidable adversary that can challenge an athlete’s confidence and passion. My personal experience with mental blocks, their intensity, and the profound impact they had on my life motivated me to explore this topic further.

Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back. 

Mental blocks can be conquered, and your athlete’s love for their sport can be rekindled. The journey may not be easy, but it’s entirely worth it. Together, we can empower our young athletes to rise above their fears and rediscover the joy in their chosen sports.

In this episode, Coach Rebecca talks about: 

00:00 Overcoming perfectionism.

04:52 How limiting beliefs in sport can hinder performance and potential.

08:22 The negative impact of pressure on young athletes.

12:54 Switching into a growth mindset.

17:38 The key to mastering mental blocks in gymnastics.

“Don’t fear failure, embrace it. It’s the stepping stone to greatness” – Coach Rebecca Smith

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