Braie Speed Swann: A Gymnast’s Journey from Elite Competitor to Empowering Coach

Today on the PerformHappy Podcast we have an incredible interview with Braie (Speed) Swann. Swann is not only a former elite gymnast but also a former D1 collegiate gymnast at the University of Arkansas, who has embarked on a transformative journey to become a head coach. Her story is a testament to resilience, empowerment, and driving positive change in the world of gymnastics.

We’ll be discussing some sensitive topics, including issues like trauma, abuse, and the well-being of athletes in gymnastics. These conversations are crucial for fostering awareness and positive change within the sport. However, we want to ensure our listeners are prepared for these discussions. If you’re listening with children or anticipate that these topics may be triggering for you, please consider your comfort level before proceeding. Your well-being is important to us, and we appreciate your understanding

Swan’s gymnastics journey started at Olympia Hills Gymnastics in Buda, Texas. She quickly proved her mettle, earning the title of Junior Olympic National Qualifier not once, but twice.

During her collegiate gymnastics career with Arkansas Razorbacks gymnastics, Swann continued to shine. In her senior year in 2018, she earned a spot on the All-SEC Team, achieving impressive scores of 9.850 on both vault and uneven bars at the SEC Championships. 

Swann’s transition from an elite gymnast to a head coach reflects her commitment to empowering future generations. Her refreshing directness and willingness to address sensitive issues, such as abuse in gymnastics, underscore her dedication to transforming the culture of the sport for the better. Swan’s story serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us of the positive impact that determined individuals can have on their chosen fields.

Her legacy extends beyond her accolades, encompassing her passion for change and her commitment to the well-being of gymnasts everywhere. 

In this episode, Coach Rebecca and Braie talk about: 

Braie gymnastics career, trauma, and advocacy.

Coaching techniques and prioritizing athlete well-being. 

Creating a supportive gymnastics environment for children. 

Protecting children in sports from abuse and neglect. 

“100% is gonna look different every day” – Braie Speed Swann

You can find more Braie (Speed) Swann on Instagram: ayybraiebraie