Parenting Through Mental Blocks Day 3: The ONE THING That Has to be in Place Before Your Athlete Can Break Through a Mental Block

In the third part of Parenting Through Mental Blocks, Coach Rebecca provides parents with necessary insights into the beliefs and mindsets surrounding mental blocks. 

As parents, we have the ability to help our young athletes in their journey toward improved mental health. However, to effectively help them, we must first understand them. This episode serves as a guide to help parents navigate this critical aspect. 

In this episode, Coach Rebecca talks about: 

  • Misconceptions surrounding mental blocks 
  • Understanding the mental block mindset 
  • Characteristics of mentally healthy athletes 

“In order for your athlete to have their breakthrough, stay confident, and change their whole life, they have to shift to the breakthrough mindset.” -Coach Rebecca 

Mindsets can make or break an athlete’s sports journey. They shape an athlete’s relationship with challenges and failures. They determine whether athletes will reach their goals and succeed. 

Join Coach Rebecca in this insightful episode as she breaks down the complexities of mental blocks and mental health in young athletes. By dispelling misconceptions, understanding the mental block mindset, and recognizing the hallmarks of mentally healthy athletes, parents can better help and guide their athletes when they’re struggling. Remember, fostering a breakthrough mindset is the key to lasting change and success for your young athlete.