Parenting Through Mental Blocks Day 2: Do’s & Don’ts for Parents

Today Coach Rebecca continues the discussion from the last episode, addressing parents who are navigating the challenges of supporting their children through mental blocks. As parents, we have tremendous influence over our kids. Everything we say and do leaves an impact. Even our well-intentioned efforts can put on more pressure and discourage them. 

“The way that you show up as a sport parent is demonstrating certain beliefs.” – Rebecca Smith 

Drawing on her experience as a former athlete and a coach who has worked with athletes for decades, Coach Rebecca provides invaluable insights into the subtle ways parents can unknowingly create pressure that affects their children’s performance.  

Here are three of the points Coach Rebecca shares: 

  • Small things we do or say that negatively affect our kids 
  • Focus on praising their character, hard work, and progress 
  • Productively compare your athlete only to their own selves 

Navigating the fine line between offering support and unintentionally giving our athletes excessive pressure can be challenging for parents. Remember the Perform Happy mantra: food, hugs, rides, tuition. If you do nothing else but these 4 things, you’re doing great. 

By being mindful of their actions, focusing on character and progress, and avoiding unhealthy comparisons, parents can create a nurturing and empowering environment that allows their young athletes to thrive.