Making Conditioning Fun with Gemma Coles

Making Conditioning Fun with Gemma Coles

Today Coach Rebecca is talking with Gemma Coles. She’s the creator of the Shuffle Up Gymnastics game. Together they talk about her game, why she developed it and why fun is the secret to success. 

Gemma shares her gymnastics coaching background. She’s always loved gymnastics and it’s been a fun part of her life. She had such good memories of her childhood gymnastics experiences she knew she wanted to be involved as a coach. 

Coach Rebecca and Gemma also discuss coaching styes and why she wanted to coach the way she was coached, with an emphasis on fun.  

“The happier they are, the better they perform.” -Gemma Coles 

Gemma’s game is all about bringing fun to conditioning. There are cards that outline what the specific skill is and how to do it properly. There are 14 different games you can play with the cards. You can work independently and try to beat your own skill or with someone else. Even non-gymnasts can get involved! 

Some of the outcomes of using this approach:  

  • Reducing injuries.  
  • Conditioning at home so time in the gym can be spent on skills.  
  • Increased confidence.  
  • Parents get to see how much fun kids have conditioning and can be part of the fun too.  

When we’re having fun, it incentivizes us to want to do more. The whole idea behind the games is to change the mindset. That’s the great thing about the different levels. It allows non-gymnast friends and family to join in.  

Coaches, this game can help you mix things up and bring fresh ideas to the gym. It makes things fun and empowers your gymnasts to take charge of their conditioning.  

Get the game: Shuffle Up Conditioning Game 

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