Building Resilience with NCAA Gymnast Sydney Ewing

Do you want to develop unwavering mental strength and bounce back from setbacks in your gymnastics journey? Are you seeking a solution to build resilience and overcome challenges with confidence?  

Look no further! Today, Coach Rebecca is delighted to introduce Sydney Ewing, an expert in building resilience in gymnasts. She’ll share valuable insights and tips to help you develop the mental toughness needed to achieve remarkable results. Get ready to unlock your inner strength and soar to new heights in the sport you love! 

Sydney Ewing is an inspiring example of resilience and determination. From her early days of gymnastics as a child, she navigated her journey through a series of injuries with courage and positivity. Despite having her sights set on becoming an Olympian, she found new paths to pursue when she encountered obstacles. Now a proud Michigan State University alum, she shares her wealth of experience and insights from her 19 years in gymnastics with budding gymnasts and their parents. 

In this episode we talk about:   

  • The significance of tenacity in gymnastics despite roadblocks. 
  • How having support you can count on makes a huge difference when you’re focused on big goals.  
  • Sydney’s transformation from top-tier gymnastics to the academic sports arena. 
  • Parents – Sydney shares how important it is for you to be a support for your gymnast and some of the best ways you can do that.  

Determination and Clear Vision

Having a clear vision of what we want to achieve is often the first step toward realizing our dreams. Combine that with unshaken determination, and we get an unbeatable combination that drives us towards success. A strong vision anchors us, gives us direction, and motivates us to keep going even when the going gets tough.  

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