How To Stop Stressing Over Things You Can’t Control

Today, Coach Rebecca is doing a great training to help you stop stressing over things you can’t control. This episode is great for parents and athletes. Things happen that we can’t control, but here’s a go-to strategy you can use anytime.  

Stress shows up when we spend energy trying to control things that we can’t control.  You may fall into the “control freak” mode. Trying to force and manage things so everything is “perfect”. Another mode is the “worrier”, and sometimes we’re both! The bottom line for both of these is they’re created by fear.   

When fear runs the show, it creates so much wasted energy either trying to be perfect, or worrying about every little thing that might happen.  

Coach Rebecca shares what you can do instead of giving into fear. 

Strategy to Reduce Stress

  1. Grab a piece of paper and begin to make a list of things you cannot control. For example, parents can’t control how your kid will perform, you can’t control decisions the coach makes. Kids, you can’t control what your coach says or how a teammate may respond to you. 
  1. Now make a list of what you can control. Parents, you can control driving your kid to practice, you can be a good listener, you can provide great nutrition and lots more.  
  1. Write a list of your fears. Own them and write them down. Example: my fear is that my kid will be miserable if she doesn’t make the team.  
  1. Next, write facts. Example: She’ll make the team she qualified for, and I can help her learn to do her best.  

You’re left with the list of things you CAN control and FACTS that you can depend on when your brain wants you to start worrying or carrying tons of stress and/or fear.  

Haul around solutions and facts instead!  

Check out the full episode for the “extra credit” strategy that can help this become second nature.  

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