How to Help Your Athlete Build Confidence From the Inside Out

If you’re feeling frustrated and helpless as your young athlete struggles with self-doubt, anxiety, or lack of confidence, then you’re not alone!  

The good news: building inner confidence is a learned skill that can be cultivated with targeted strategies and support. That’s what Coach Rebecca is covering in today’s episode.  

The Inner Confidence Formula 

Parental involvement is essential in shaping a young athlete’s sense of self-worth. Coach Rebecca discusses building inner confidence in young athletes and what parents can do to support that process.  

She shares how important it is for parents and caregivers to offer love, support, and affirmation to young athletes, regardless of their performance. She also highlights the negative impact of social media and conventional norms on athletes’ self-esteem and gives practical tips on how to cultivate a growth mindset and embrace failure as an opportunity for learning.  

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:  

  • Bolster your kid’s inner confidence. 
  • Comprehend the key role of self-trust and self-awareness as the foundation of true inner confidence. 
  • Understand the impact of challenges and adversity in establishing resilience and unbreakable self-belief. 
  • Strengthen your child’s inner confidence. 

Caregiver’s Role in Building Inner Confidence 
It’s crucial for caregivers to encourage their young athletes to feel and express all their emotions, even the difficult ones. Providing a supportive environment that acknowledges both wins and losses will help develop a healthy relationship with sports and self-worth.  

Coach Rebecca highlights the importance of creating a foundation rooted in being human first – accepting both strengths and weaknesses.  

Building Self-Confidence 
It’s important to teach children to focus on their strengths amidst setbacks and challenges. Coach Rebecca’s personal experiences as an athlete and a coach impacted the way she helps young athletes build a positive mindset.  

She encourages athletes to find their inner confidence by embracing challenges, acknowledging their full range of emotions, and keeping their self-worth rooted in their humanity. 

Steps you can take today:  

  • Visit Complete Performance Coaching for more information on building inner confidence. 
  • Enroll your athlete in Complete Performance Coaching programs for personalized coaching and support. 
  • Encourage your athlete to practice OPT (One Pleasant Thing) to find joy and positivity in each moment. 
  • Praise your athlete for their effort and character, not just their sport outcomes. 
  • Help your athlete develop self-trust by acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses and accepting themselves as they are. 

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