Mom and Daughter Gymnastics Duo – How Liz and Maribelle Balance Family and Gymnastics

What’s better than one gymnast in the family? Two of course!  

In this episode Coach Rebecca is talking to the mother and daughter duo who are both competing in level 10 gymnastics. For everyone who’s been told they’re too old, Liz is going to prove otherwise! 

Liz shares her gymnastics journey that started when she was a kid. At 12 she began really pursuing higher level gymnastics and hasn’t stopped since, except to have her 2 kids.  

She’s proof that starting at 12 can work, and staying with it can work too. It’s okay to commit to your gymnastics training at any age.  

Maribelle has been doing gymnastics from a young age. She didn’t start training until she was 6 and that was when she told her parents that she really wanted to. She’s now level 10 and is a second alternate for nationals.  

She says that being in the gym with mom and dad coaching works, and it’s an on-going process for all of them.  

When should you stop training?  

Liz said that after having her first child she thought it was expected that her gymnastic days were over. She began training to gain some strength after a postnatal illness. She shares how she made it back to not just training, but competing and winning.  

Maribelle shares her motivation. Right now, she’s got her sights on qualifying for elite and she’s thinking about competing in college.  

Coach Rebecca asks about the mental toughness part of gymnastics for both Liz and Maribelle and how they manage the mental part of training and competing. 

What if there was no end date? How would things look if coaches and athletes didn’t add arbitrary dates and deadlines? Would the fear be the same? Would it be easier to manage? Great discussion about how this works for Liz and those she coaches. 

Liz and a Maribelle also share their take on:  

  • Diet and nutrition 
  • Training for performance and strength 
  • Focusing on what works for them (not being rigid about the process) 
  • What to do instead of avoiding a skill  
  • How to work with a coach and how to coach individually 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of having parents be your coaches 

Lastly, Coach Rebecca asks what they recommend for people who feel like they’re “late” or want to start gymnastics when they are older. They have great advice for kids and for parents.  

Check out this great conversation and the fun advice and smart take on competing at any age, and making it work as a gymnastics family.