Why Confidence Ladders Don’t Work

Today Coach Rebecca explains why the confidence ladder approach doesn’t work and can even backfire. She’s breaking it down AND explaining what will work instead.  

Parents, there’s a better way to overcome mental blocks that works, will help your kid, and make things less stressful for both of you.  

If you aren’t sure what a confidence ladder is, Coach Rebecca breaks that down for you. It’s meant to create a confidence snowball and it sounds like it will work in theory, until it doesn’t. 

Here’s the misconception around using this tool; it focuses your motivation on a specific thing which sounds good, but for many kids it feels like a pass/fail situation. Awareness comes first, before confidence can show up.  

A mental block is temporary. When there’s an inflexible goal (step one or two on the ladder for example) the teen brain doesn’t always respond with confidence, so now there’s the feeling of failure.  

Hear how Coach Rebecca explains the problem-solving process. It’s based on trying, paying attention, gaining a bit of wisdom, then reset.  

There are 3 steps to breaking through a mental block:  

  • Awareness 
  • Confidence 
  • Self-Trust 

These must be solved before the confidence shows up. Most of the time, kids are rushing instead of paying attention to the clues their brain is sending them.  

The focus is on the wisdom you gain through trying. 

Then you’ll have the tools to work through the fear, until fear is replaced by confidence. Remember, having a goal isn’t the problem. The approach is where things get off track.  

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