Are You One of THOSE Moms?

You’ll do anything for your kid. You want them to be happy, healthy, successful, and supported, but your athlete is still struggling.  

Today we’ll talk about if you’ve accidentally became one of those moms. The ones that are unknowingly and accidentally adding pressure, and I’ll explain how to modify your support to help your athlete overcome their struggles!  

The goal here is to make sure you’re a part of the solution. We’ve learned in the last year how much parents can impact a happy, healthy, successful kid. We’ve seen it over and over. When parents change their approach, the athlete gains confidence and excels.  

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself. Track how many of your responses are a yes.   

  1. Do you think about your athlete’s sport more than your own hobbies? 
  1. Do you spend a lot of time trying to find solutions to your athlete’s problems? 
  1. Do you secretly wish that they would quit and put you out of your misery AND also know that if they did quit, you’d be devastated? 
  1. Do the majority of your conversations with your athlete revolve around their sport? 
  1. Do you feel like you would do anything to help them through their sport struggle?  

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, then you’re probably part of the problem.  

I know this comes from love and I’m going to explain how you can be the supportive, helpful parent you want to be, so please hang in here with me!  

Here’s what’s happening. They feel how involved you are, they pick up on your energy about how important this is, and how much time you’re spending trying to find solutions.  

They’re worried that you’re going to be really upset if they don’t succeed. They’re now the guardian of your feelings.  

Here’s how to make the shift.  

  1. Find your own interest, hobby, or creative pursuit. I know you’re busy. What is ONE thing you can do just for you? I provide some great examples on the podcast. 
  1. Empathize with your athlete and vent with your friends. We have great examples of how this works in the community – a huge help! 
  1. Remove yourself from the emotional roller coaster of their sport. Find neutral. We spend time on this in the community with the parents. It can be hard, but once you make the shift, it’s a game changer. 
  1. Stop asking questions about their sport in the car. If they bring it up, then ask them open ended questions. Send me a DM for the list of 50 questions to help you implement this one. 
  1. The drive you have for them to succeed, be the person you want them to be. Write down a list of the things that you want for your kids. Then look at the list and find which of those traits aren’t your strong suit. Where can you make progress? Spend the time working on those things. Listen for examples to help you get started.  

You’ll be amazed at the difference you see when you make these shifts.  

If you want the entire 3 step method for parents, check it out here. (It’s free!)  

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