The 5 Keys to Overcoming Fear

Today Coach Rebecca goes over the 5 keys to overcoming fear. 

If your athlete struggles with fear or mental blocks, these are the 5 things they need to have a big breakthrough. Without them, it will be very hard to overcome an obstacle.   

You need:   

  1. Optimism. This applies to the athlete AND the parents. Recognizing that a small setback is just that and tomorrow everything can be better is going to help you much more than a gloomy outlook.   
  1. Desire. Wanting something really bad can help athletes override the fear, which is why we sometimes see kids do well in competition even when they’re fearful in practice. This can also happen when the stakes are low, like hanging out with friends and trying a skill you’ve avoided for a while.   
  1. Communication. No one knows what’s going on in your head. There has to be some practice (this is step one in our 8-week challenge) to learn how to talk to your coach so you can explain what’s happening and get the help you need.   
  1. Trust. Your parents are a soft place to land. They believe in you and are there for you when you need support. It’s also important to have trust in your coach. We teach how to go through this so you can develop how to trust yourself.   
  1. Patience. When you’re coming back from a mental block, think of it like coming back from an injury or coming back to a skill that you’ve struggled with. The person that is you TODAY hasn’t done this skill yet. Be patient with the process of rebuilding and be excited about moving forward.   

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