4 Ways You Can Improve Your Performance (And Life) In Just 5 Minutes A Day

Do you want to improve your performance?

Today I want to give you some really quick tips on how you can improve your performance and life in just five minutes a day.


I want to discuss 4 ways you can improve your performance but first I have an analogy for you.

So I want parents to think about how quickly the laundry piles up. It’s like one shirt, one leotard, one pair of socks. And then you’re like, “Oh my gosh! My house is a pile of dirty laundry.” Or clean laundry for that matter if your couch looks anything like mine. Or every speck of dirt that the dog tracks in and it’s like, “Oh, the floors are so clean” and then the dog tracks in and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, we live in squalor!” It’s like so fast, right? There’s just like a dish that lands in the sink. And then you’re under a pile of dishes! The little things add up in life. It’s very obvious when trying to maintain a house full of kids.

And it’s for sure for athletes, too. You know, you’re sitting there scrolling tik tok. You think you’re just going to look for a couple of minutes and then you’re like, “Where did that last hour ago?” Or if you’re working out and you’re a little bit injured and you’re like, “Oh, I’m just going to do a few reps.” And then next thing you know, you need surgery. Those little things matter. All those leg lifts that you do in gymnastics and now all of a sudden you can do a KIP cast handstand. So those little things add up and the same thing goes for adding happiness and confidence to your life and if you want to improve your performance.

Here are 4 things you can do to improve your performance that will completely change the way that you live, the way that you feel, and the way that you perform in five minutes:

#1: Wake Up 5 Minutes Earlier Each Day

I’ve been back to school with my two girls for maybe a month. Now we do a year round school so we started a little earlier. It took me a month to get the swing of that. If I wake up five minutes earlier, I can brush my hair and brush my teeth in peace. I can get out my little recorded, five minute affirmation. So I listen to that while I’m brushing my hair and brush my teeth; I’m getting kind of grounded for the day. If I do that, breakfast is easier. Getting dressed is easier. Leaving out the door is easier. Getting to school is easier. There are less tears at drop-off. I feel better when I get to my desk to work. Those five minutes that I have been officially doing for the last three days have completely changed the face of our morning.

When you spend five minutes doing something that makes you just a little calmer, a little bit more grounded, it completely sets the whole day into a better trajectory.

#2: Spend 5 Minutes Before Bed Imagining The Success You Want To Create In Life

So for you athletes, it’s imagining your big dream goal coming true. You’re just laying there in bed. You’re relaxed. And you’re imagining those skills that you want to get. You imagine them happening. You imagine that college extending that letter of opportunity to you. Spending five minutes before bed can really fast track your mind to get on track for goals.

#3: Spend 5 Minutes Journaling After Practice

Spending five minutes journaling after practice can transform your ability to be aware of what works for you and what doesn’t. You start to notice trends and you don’t get blindsided. Things don’t just happen to you. Simone Biles was like, “I randomly couldn’t twist.” If you’re writing down for just five minutes after practice how it all went then you don’t get blindsided. You start to pick up when things are a little bit off before it’s too late.

#4: Spend 5 Minutes Outside In Nature

You can spend five minutes outside in nature, breathing and being grateful. If you have five minutes to walk to class, to walk to your car, just five minutes of walking somewhere outdoors. I do this every morning. When I drop my girls off at school, we have to walk from the car to the classroom, easy five minutes. What if instead of being like, “Come on, come on. Go, go, run. Do you have your mask?” I was like “Oh, look at this beautiful tree. Oh, it’s going to be a nice day today.”

Those changes can change everything about how your nervous system is, which increases your mood. And a good mood is scientifically proven to be connected to confidence. And when you’re more confident, you perform better. When you’re performing better, you’re more efficient. So not only are you feeling better, but you’re actually performing better.

Okay so why don’t you do these things to improve your performance if they only take 5 minutes?

Why is it so easy for me to say change your life in five minutes, but humans don’t do it. One word – homeostasis. We want to stay the same. Our brain’s job is to keep us the same. Even if the same is stressed out, overworked, under slept, in a rush…that’s what we’re used to. So if we change it, the alarm bells are going to go, “This isn’t right. This doesn’t feel right. This isn’t normal. This is not what we do. We’re not stressed out. This can’t be right. When’s the other shoe going to drop.”

If you think about all the times when you’ve tried to start a new habit, like screens off at nine o’clock sharp, and then you do it for a week and you feel amazing. And then you’re like, “Eh, well just for a few minutes.” And then that new habit is never to be seen again. If there’s a new habit that would work for you, but you gave up on it after a few days or weeks, then you know what I’m talking about.

You CAN Improve Your Performance In A Short Amount Of Time

But you have to be willing to do these 4 things consistently. Those things again are to wake up five minutes earlier each day, spend five minutes before bed imagining the life you want, spend five minutes journaling after practice, and spend five minutes outside in nature.

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4 Ways You Can Improve Your Performance in Just 5 Minutes A Day

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