Anna Glenn – Destigmatizing Mental Health

Anna Glenn – Destigmatizing Mental Health

0:50 – Falling in love with gymnastics in elementary/middle school – “Gymnastics became a part of my identity.”

2:15 – Goals in gymnastics – not the Olympics.  Anna wanted a social life, a college degree, and an overall normal life

3:20 – Anna committed to attend UCLA when she was in 9th grade

5:10 – Importance of having other things to focus on, not just gymnastics

6:35 – Coming back to gymnastics post-injury – 80% is mental

7:10 – You really need your mentality to be strong and you really need to be sharp in terms of being able to succeed in sport.

7:50 – How to stay engaged without being able to do your skills

8:35 – Sitting out her first season, Anna struggles with depression

Getting out of the dark space and into the light was really important to me.

10:00 – “My sister was my advocate.”

10:30 – Anna works with a therapist and trainer for support

The insane support that I had at UCLA was vital to my success later on.

12:45 – Mental game was holding her back

13:30 – The adversity Anna faced set me up for success.  “I had to hit a low point in order to get to that high point.”

14:50 – “I felt invincible!”

16:20 – Everyone struggles, but not everyone shares it

17:30 – Special connection with her coach – felt comfortable being vulnerable

It was important for me to stand my ground.  I have full control over my body.  I have full control over what I feel like is best for me, so I’m going to make sure that’s what ends up happening.

19:00 – Your coaches are there to motivate you

20:00 – Training with Ms. Val and learning her legacy

21:00 – Tough love and support for her mental health campaign

22:20 – The Mission of the Bruin Brave Campaign – Destigimatize mental health within the athlete community

Mental health is a silent epidemic that needs to be addressed.

24:55 – Treat your mind like you treat your body

28:00 – Providing support for your athlete

29:00 – Finding balance

30:45 – Be openminded.  We’re in a changing world, things are going to be shifting – it’s important to shift your mindset with it


Destigmatizing Mental Health with Anna Glenn

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