Self-Care for the Sport Parent During Shelter In Place

Self-Care During Shelter-in-Place

As shelter-in-place continues, Coach Sara wants to remind you of the importance of self-care as a sport parent.

Now, the word “self-care” is a total buzzword.  It’s important to note that self-care isn’t something big and indulgent, fancy, time-consuming, or costly.  Self-care at a basic level is taking care of yourself and doing things that allow you to feel your best.

Finding Time

You may be thinking, “How am I supposed to do self-care when I’m spending every day playing mom, teacher, chef, and housekeeper?”

I get it.  The world is a little crazy right now, but I promise, the time is there.  You can even schedule the time.  Put it on your whiteboard calendar, set an alarm in your phone, jot it down in your planner.  Find an option that works for you if you, somewhere you’ll remember to look, and that will help keep you accountable.

6 Types of Self-Care

Let’s discuss the six different types of self-care.

  1. Mental – Reading a book, going to therapy, having a conversation with your partner.  This type of self-care isn’t always a solo experience.
  2. Emotional – Watching a show or movie, something you enjoy to evoke positive emotions
  3. Physical – The gyms are closed right now, but taking yourself for a walk, doing a yoga class, or even your trek through the grocery store for your weekly groceries can fill this self-care need.
  4. Practical – While you’re doing laundry, cooking dinner, or picking up the house (which you’re probably doing a lot more of these days), there are ways to make it more enjoyable.  Pop some headphones in and listen to a podcast, music, or an audiobook to make those chores a little more enjoyable.
  5. Social – Connection is something we’re all missing right now.  There are so many ways to connect virtually – Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, so that can help keep you connected.  Also, just taking a few minutes to scroll through Facebook and look at pictures or read some news can be helpful.  Now, it can be easy to fall into the social media trap.  If you are going to take some time to check-out and scroll, consider setting a time limit so you are aware of how you’re utilizing your time.  Use your best judgment with this.
  6. Spiritual – If you are a spiritual person and you have had a hard time connecting with your spirituality lately, set some time aside for that.  Maybe it’s reaching a verse in the Bible, picking up a book you connect with spiritually or doing a prayer journal.

Within each of those categories, you can do different activities that will help fulfill your care and your needs.

What I want you to take away from this is that it’s ok and necessary to make yourself a priority.  Time management is going to be a big piece of that.  Sometimes you have to get creative about how you fit it in, but your “me time” should be there.

Lead By Example

By taking time to take care of yourself, it’s actually two-fold.  You feel better while also setting a wonderful example for your kids.  They get to see you being the best version of yourself, which is probably making you happier.  That’s going to lift the spirits in your house and help your kids learn about self-care practices themselves.

To dive deeper into the different types of self-care, you can find Sara’s book, Self-Care for Moms and her self-care tracking journal Choose You on Amazon.

You can listen to the full interview on self-care with Coach Sara here. 

Self-care starts with you!  Start today!


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