The Importance of Gratitude

The Importance of Gratitude

Hi everyone.  I’m Coach Sara.  As a member of the Complete Performance Coaching team, I’m grateful that we have the ability to support our athletes from the comfort of our own homes.  This is how we’ve been doing mental skills coaching for years, and now, more than ever, we’re thankful that Complete Performance Coaching is set up this way.

At this point in time, it’s so easy to focus on the challenges, the frustrations, the things we’re missing out on, or having to cancel – it’s easy to forget about gratitude.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is being thankful and appreciative.  It’s noticing the positives and taking the time to appreciate them.  Every day we have the opportunity to feel gratitude.  Today, I am thankful for the time to write, thankful I got to go for a run, and thankful my family is healthy. We also have opportunities to express gratitude – sharing with people the appreciation that we feel.

Feeling Grateful

You can do this practice every day, but we especially encourage it now, when we’re facing a challenging reality.  The end of the day is a good time for regular gratitude practice – take the time to either write down or quietly reflect on what you have to be grateful for.  Start small if you need to – find one thing to be thankful for, and work your way up.

I like the idea of writing down what you’re grateful for because, on days where you’re struggling or feeling down, you can look back and see some good.  Regardless of when you do this, take some time each day (or most days of the week) to be grateful.

Showing Gratitude

Though we’re physically distancing, that doesn’t mean that we have to be disconnected.  In fact, we’re probably feeling very connected to our immediate family right now.  What this means is that we miss chances to show appreciation for other people in our lives and we may take the people we live with for granted.

Use this time to think about how you can show appreciation for others, from saying thank you to your family members when they’re helpful, to having everyone share at the dinner table about what they’re grateful for that day.

Then, think beyond the walls of your home.  Can you make a thank you card for delivery people, maybe send your teachers a thank you video, or take the time to reach out to friends to connect and share how much you appreciate them?  Showing gratitude is important because not only does the person you share your gratitude with have a positive reaction, but you’re likely to feel positive showing gratitude as well.

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

Being grateful can also happen spontaneously, whether it’s appreciating the weather on your evening walk, noticing that your family members cleared their plates without being asked, or thanking your body for being strong and keeping you healthy.  Taking these moments to be grateful will not only help you find more moments to be thankful for, but you’ll likely notice that you feel happier, fulfilled, and possibly less stressed.  That’s a lot to be thankful for!

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