Podcast Interview with Fern Weis

Fern Weis is a Parent Coach, BALM Family Recovery Coach, social/emotional intelligence coach, and former middle school teacher.  She is also the mother of two young adults (one of whom is in recovery) who taught her a lot about herself and life.  She learned that caring and good intentions are not enough in parenting.  In fact, sometimes they are the problem!  Fern works with parents of teens and young adults who are going through difficult situations, including addiction recovery.  She helps parents shift from enabling poor choices to fostering responsibility and independence in their children, so they can be successful at LIFE.

In our podcast interview, Fern and I discuss parenting with self-awareness, relationship building with your children, and finding ways to best help your teen turn into a confident, self-sufficient adult.  You can learn more about Fern and her work at www.fernweis.com or www.familyrecoverypartners.com.  

Show Notes:

  • Fern talks about her children, the struggles they faced, and the choice to intervene (1:45)
  • How Fern learned to take a step back as a parent (3:25 )
  • Fern’s wake up call (4:35)
  • Shifting your focus away from measurable outcomes (6:15)
  • Getting your child “college ready” (7:25)
  • Fern talks to parents who are outcome-focused and overly invested in their children (11:35)
  • The Three S’s – sit down, shut up, and smile (12:25)
  • Kids putting enough pressure on themselves, they don’t need more from us (14:45)
  • How to surrender – focusing on what is in your control and what isn’t (15:05)
  • What is required for really great parenting in five words (16:35)
  • Having self-awareness as a parent (18:35)
  • Noticing patterns (19:00)
  • Identifying your child’s unique potential and helping them find their motivation (21:00)
  • Relationship building (23:00)
  • Separating your dreams from your child’s dreams (26:00)
  • Finding the silver lining and being flexible (28:00)
  • Children are resilient and adaptable (30:45)
  • Managing differing expectations – ex. The athlete is ready to quit, parent wants them to continue (30:55)
  • Where to find Fern – www.fernweis.com (34:50)


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