The New Fab Five Complete Performance Coaching Team

Today’s Topic: The New Fab Five Complete Performance Coaching Team


About Me

Hi everybody. Today, I’m not going to be answering questions. I’m just going to be giving you guys a couple of announcements.Complete Performance Coaching is expanding. Of course, anybody my age is going to be like “Oh, are you pregnant?” No, not pregnant, but I do have some exciting news about the company.

I have been really, really enjoying working with gymnasts, especially athletes over the last several years. In the last year, my schedule has gotten so full. Anybody out there who has tried to book a free consultation with me, or get a session with me, you might have noticed that it is a little bit difficult. I’ve been going over and over, what are my options here. Do I work every hour of every day and just say goodbye to my family and give everybody all that I have? Well, unfortunately that’s not the route I went.

New Q&A with Coach “…” ?

I started looking for people who could be available and could give you guys more options for scheduling. So of course at first, I was like “I need someone who is perky, who is a gymnast, who likes kids. I need to completely duplicate myself so that we can just have two of me, and we’re going to run around and save the world and be super excited about it.”

But then I was like “Wait a second. I kind of have that covered. What if we get somebody that does other stuff too. You know, like lacrosse and soccer and all these other sports that I’ve got a basic knowledge of, but I don’t have the depth of understanding like I have for gymnastics.”

I was basically scouring the sport psychology world looking for some people who I could work alongside with. Who could give you guys tips like this. You know, Q&A with coach somebody else who knows other stuff.


Meet Jimmy

I found not one, but four people, because go big or go home right? I’m going to introduce them to you today, kind of. They’re not actually here. I’ll get my life size cutouts out, and I’ll show you who is going to be joining the team, so that you can know who you now have an opportunity to schedule with. First I’m going to show you Jimmy. He has seven years experience working with athletes in the mental coaching arena. He has a masters in sports psychology.

He also has 20 plus years experience coaching lacrosse. He also played lacrosse, tennis, field hockey and was a competitive unicyclist. How cool is that? And he is one of the most compassionate, kind men I have met in this field. So he is your guy if you are a team sport athlete. If you are maybe a quiet sensitive dude, or a girl who is open to working with a guy. He has a really nice manner and he’s going to be wonderful.

He loves working kids. He specializes in working with kids, but he also has experience, personally and professionally in adult sports as well. Anybody who’s an adult who’s looking for somebody to work with, he is also your guy. So that’s the first new team member.


Meet Ashley

Then we have Ashley here. She is a super star athlete. I had a fan girl moment when I was talking to her because she was actually a member of the ’93 – ’94 USA gymnastics team as an elite gymnast. She was working toward those ’96 games when she broke her neck. So she’s got experience coming back from a major injury. Actually, a major career ending injury, and then bouncing back, becoming not only a collegiate athlete but a professional soccer player.

Now she is about to run her fourth Boston Marathon. She’s done triathlons, coaches track, does cross country and is basically our endurance sport guru. She can help you with your marathon. You parents of gymnasts, how awesome is that? And she’s a gymnast, so if you can’t get me and you want somebody who knows the sport of gymnastics inside and out, and knows about fear, she is also your girl.


Meet Rich

Okay. Now moving along we got coach Rich. Here he is. He is a division one collegiate baseball player. Rich and I are very similar in that we both over think. We like to over think things and kind of like get too in our heads before stuff. He was a baseball player who was an over thinker, which if you know baseball, that’s not so good, right? It’s a slow paced sport, where you can really get in your head. He’s now got this experience. He’s also got a masters in sports psychology. So does Ashley. He can learn from that.

The self doubt and the over thinking, and help young baseball players in a really special way. He also is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in anxiety and OCD, which are two things I hear about a lot in my business. I’m really happy to have somebody on board who has more experience with OCD than I do. And somebody who can also handle anxiety because that’s a lot of the clients that I encounter.


Meet Dr. Diana

Then our final member of our fab five Complete Performance Coaching team is Dr. Diana Latimore, and I don’t have her picture. Dang it. But she is phenomenal. I mean her resume is insane. She is a professor, has her doctorate and was also a gymnast. So that’s another. We’ve got three gymnasts on the team, everybody.

So, if you’re looking for somebody to help you with your gymnastics mindset, you’ve now got three choices. She is so kind and so down to earth and she is another person who has gotten through injury. That’s kind of her cup of tea, is that she had a major injury. Now she’s really, really good at helping athletes come back after major injuries.


The Fab Five

Of course, those are kind of like our niches and our specialties, but you guys know I work with all kinds of athletes. I specialize in gymnasts, age 8 to 18, but I have a ton of different experience with different sports. So what I’m bringing to you guys is, these guys are going to come and do some live sessions.

They’re going to teach you some tidbits, so you get more perspective and more availability for those one-on-one sessions. So please feel free to reach out to any of us. It’s just our first So, I’m Rebecca@CompletePerformanceCoaching. We’ve got Rich, Ashley, Jimmy, and Diana. We are at your service to help you guys reach peek performance and maximum enjoyment.

Any questions, send them my way. And then also one last quick thing. Look for an email in the next few days. I have actually taken my Over Coming Fear course, I have a six session course that is essentially the six sessions you would do one-on-one with me but at a much reduced rate. I’ve packaged that up for sale. Just that one course. It’s not a membership. You just pay a one time thing and you get life time access to it, so you can do it over and over and over. That is going to come at you this weekend and it will only be available until Thursday October 26th. So if that interests you, grab it while you can.

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