7 Things Olympians Have That We All Need

It’s that time again…

When kids remember that anything is possible.  The energy is electric.

We spend a month watching people’s dreams come true, and watching others get squashed.


Rio 2016 is right around the corner. 

How do little kids with big dreams become Olympians?  Is it luck?  Hard work?  A combination?

Right now, the best athletes in the world are getting ready for Olympic trials in Omaha.

At the top, the difference between making the team and falling short is miniscule…  .001 seconds.  There are mental skills every elite athlete must have for a chance at greatness.

Don’t worry, even if the Olympic games are completely off your radar, all humans can benefit from these skills!


If you want to think like an Olympian, here are the 7 “Must Haves”

  1. Vision

    • An unyielding vision of success.  Know what you want, and feel it in your bones that it will be yours.
    • See the outcome you want. Make it so real you can taste it, smell it, touch it, and hear it too.
  1. Motivation

    • Not just “going for the gold.” The right kind of motivation overrides the tough stuff and the discomfort. This is the driving passion force that each one of us has.   It just has to be tapped into.
    • WHY do you want it? What do you LOVE about your sport? Go deeper into what really matters.
  1. Presence

    • Greatness only happens in the present moment. If your focus is either in the past or the future, you lose the ability to respond quickly and stay the course.
    • When you’re immersed in the task at hand, you can correct mistakes quickly and be ready for what comes next.
  1. Confidence

    • Positive thinking and positive images build up an athlete’s confidence. Have you ever seen anyone sulk into an Olympic event and take home the gold?
    • When you walk tall and truly believe in your ability to win, your body becomes stronger and your mind sharper.
  1. Trust

    • Practice makes automatic. This goes for training the mind and the body.  When you are prepared, you can turn off your mind and trust your training.
    • If you have done what you need to do, put in the work, you can let go and know that everything is as it should be.
  1. Control

    • It is critical that athletes gain control over emotions and energy. If you get blindsided by a disappointment or overly stimulated by excitement, it can cause you to derail.
    • Have a plan in place for all possible scenarios. This gives you control over your inner experience as well as your physical reaction.
  1. Consistency

    • Incorporate routines into your preparation. Do the same mental and physical warm-up when you practice, when you perform, and when it REALLY counts.  Practice your mental strategy for getting in the zone.  Be disciplined.  Do it all the time, not just the big day.


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