Working with Rebecca was one of the best experiences and best choices I could have made for my athletic career, as well as my life.

Ava S. - Collegiate Swimmer

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What People Are Saying:

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    Larissa W., Tennis Player

    "Working with Rebecca allowed me the opportunity to be as relaxed and focused as I was in practice."

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    Parent of a 14-year-old gymnast

    "I would absolutely recommend Rebecca to others, without reservation... She's terrific!  Thank you Rebecca!  I've got my hopeful girl back!"

  • 15-year-old Swimmer

    "As a result of working with Rebecca, I feel like I am more engaged in my sport, and I am also more excited to race instead of being scared. Overall, I just feel more motivated to train harder to get to a higher level of swimming."


Option 2: One-on-one Coaching 

Your athlete has been working hard for years.  Sport is her biggest passion.  She’s dropped everything else to be an athlete.  She puts in tons of hard work.  You’re so proud of her!  But you feel bad when she gets down on herself.  For months, it feels like she’s not making the progress she should be, and you’re not sure why.  Maybe it’s the mental piece?
If you can relate, one-on-one coaching could be the difference between your child staying stuck or reaching their goals.  I help kids identify the mental blocks that are standing in the way of success.  We come up with a customized mental training plan, and after 6 Skype sessions, most kids are up and running again.  Enjoying their sport, and feeling confident in their abilities.  

    About Rebecca

    Rebecca Smith, M.A. is a High Performance Coach in California, uplifting young athletes from all walks of life.  From those just beginning in the sport world to elite, professional, and Olympic athletes.  
    At her first gymnastics meet she shook so badly the judges could barely make out her routine.  She burst into tears auditioning for the school chorus.  Her (incredibly supportive) family was forced to ride the rollercoaster of nerves with her.  
    Eventually it got to be too much.  She quit the sport she loved and let go of college aspirations.  After some dissatisfying years, she set out to find a way to overcome the mental weakness that kept her from continuing on with gymnastics.  Her master's degree in sport psychology, plus decades of leadership and mental toughness training are now at your fingertips.  Rebecca learned the hard way so she could help young athletes avoid making the same mistakes. 

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