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What you'll get out of the PerformHappy Community

This online community provides elite level mental toughness training to athletes and their families. 

Developed by High Performance Coach and mental block expert, Rebecca Smith, these trainings are the foundation for peak performance + maximum enjoyment in sport and life. 

Best of all, when you become a member, you get access to Rebecca's personal guidance and support as you apply your mental skills to practice and competition. 

Also included: 

  • Mental Tougness Bootcamp - Live group trainings start August 2nd
  • Overcoming FEAR course (6 sessions)
  • Finding FLOW course (15 sessions)
  • Pre-Performance Mental Strategy Course (3 sessions)
  • 5 Day Fear-Fighting Challenge
  • 7 Day Superhero Confidence Challenge
  • Visualizations
  • Meditations, and more. 
  • Plus, the Peak Performance Parenting course and monthly parent Q&A sessions.  

It's all on a mobile-friendly platform so you can train your brain on the go. 

About Coach Rebecca

My first love was gymnastics. I was told I was too tall and too old, but I didn’t care. I loved my sport. The problems started happening when I moved up to a difficult level. Skills got scarier. The pressure to do well increased. I started getting really nervous to compete, and I let the fear get the best of me.  

I ended up quitting the sport and always regretted not going further. I was 100% willing to do the work but I couldn’t manage the mental part. I didn’t have the tools to get past the fear so I could keep thriving in my sport. I was in tears all the time and it was miserable for me and my family. 

Later, as a gymnastics coach, I saw the same patterns emerge in my gymnasts. That’s when I decided to learn the science behind peak performance so I could be a better coach. I've spent years studying leadership, mindfulness, and applied sport psychology, along with being a self-described "personal growth junkie." I have a Masters Degree in sport psychology and over 15 years experience helping high-achieving kids perform better.

My mission is to prevent kids from burning out like I did. If I had the tools I have now, I could have gone much farther as a gymnast. I was well into my 20s before I had enough self-confidence to push through fear and discomfort. My personal crash and burn is what drives me to teach these mental skills to as many young athletes as possible, so they can reach their true potential and perform happy!

“My daughter has been doing well lately. She was very resistant to try your methods at first, but just told me this week that they seem to be working for her. 

She almost quit gymnastics a couple of months ago because she thought she was the only one experiencing fear and was terrified to try the new skills her coaches were introducing. I started to really watch how I was talking to her to make sure she wasn't getting any extra pressure from me. Then she found great relief in writing down her fears and crumbling up the paper. Finally, she started writing goals with the progressions that she thought were logical. I'm happy to report that she's accomplished a lot of the scary skills that were frightening her over the part month. In fact, she had a private lesson on Saturday and she had decided that she wasn't going to try any drills for giants. I mentioned that it might be good for her to think about her leaps of faith, but to stay in that 7 range of fear. From that point on, she asked her coach if she could work though the drill in a certain way on the pit bar.... it was her 2nd progression step on her list. It worked. Then she went to the third, and fourth, and fifth steps. 

I was watching in disbelief. She was so excited and kept exclaiming, "I just took another leap of faith!" I left the gym after the lesson feeling like my happy child was finally back. About an hour later, I received a text from her coach with a video of her doing 2 giants with a layout fly away dismount on the regular high bar. I cried! Afterwards I asked her how she felt and she said, "I think that might have been flow!" I smiled and told her that she's been working very hard. I also asked her what she thought about the process and she commented that she had an unbelievable day and that the process works.... but likely it will be much slower for other skills. I was happy that she realized that too. So thank you!!!!! 

Mother of a gymnast, PerformHappy Member

“Working with Rebecca was one of the best experiences and best choices I could have made for my athletic career, as well as my life. She coached me on how to be confident in myself, how to reap the most from my athletic abilities, and how to keep my attitude and my emotions in check while competing. I am now in college competing, and still using her tactics.

Ava S., Swimmer

“The skills Rebecca teaches are about more than just sports. Kids are going to grow up and maybe keep doing their sport into adulthood, and maybe not. Either way, the skills Rebecca teaches are applicable in a million different ways."

Mother of a 14-year-old gymnast

“Before I joined the PerformHappy Community, I was trying to include the mental side of performance into my swim practices. Since joining, I’ve been more focused on including mental training. Rebecca is great with her craft, and has created an open, friendly, and responsive program that I recommend it to other swim coaches and athletes."

Chris W. - Swim Coach, PerformHappy Member

“My daughter was struggling with major setbacks and disappointment that were beyond her control. It was affecting her mind and causing her to not stay focused on what she can do. Since joining the PerformHappy Community, She is more confident, focused, positive and mentally upbeat. The training vault is the best feature of the community. I am constantly recruiting my daughter's teammates and their parents to join. This is some life changing information and it gets you focused into what you can do to help your athlete. Competitive sports at a high level are mostly about mental toughness. This gives you a strong and successful game plan to strengthen athletes minds and adjust their focus."

Mother of a gymnast, PerformHappy Member

“Your FLOW series is working wonders for my daughter. She is finding her FLOW and I am getting my old fearless and fierce girl back. I feel like with her continuing to block out the negative influences and your program finding ways to build her up might be her mental recipe for success. Thank you for creating this tool. I honestly feel it is our little secret weapon (although I do tell my fellow gym moms about it)."

Mother of a gymnast, PerformHappy Member

“Before I joined the PerformHappy Community, I was having problems with my self confidence. Now I feel a lot more confident in myself by using the training methods taught by Mrs. Rebecca. She has helped me get through my mental block! I have gained so much confidence by using imagery. I use it in practice, at home, and even in the car on the way to gymnastics. She is an amazing psychologist and has helped me through a lot. One thing I really love is how we can chat in the box and see from other people's point of view on the topic."

Gymnast, PerformHappy Member

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