Perform Happy

Perform happy

Being a sport parent is hard

You spend thousands of dollars and countless hours supporting your kids and all their athletic pursuits.  You do it willingly because the goal is happy, healthy and successful kids.  When they finally reach their goals, it makes it all worth it.

But there’s also the anxiety, self-doubt, or that look of disappointment when your child’s hard work didn’t pay off and they feel like a failure.  All of a sudden, you can’t say anything right.  You see them suffering but feel completely powerless to help them.

I’ve worked with high-achieving kids and teens for over 15 years.  There’s really nothing like the look on their face when they are doing what they love and succeeding.

What if you could give your child the joy of competition, without such crushing lows?

Loving conversation is how we guide our children through the tough stuff, but what if they refuse to talk about it?

The first thing you need is a blueprint for how to talk to them.  Once you establish yourself as their teammate, they can feel free to open up about what’s really going on.  When the partnership is strong and you’ve removed any contributions you were making to their stress, you can teach them the necessary tools to handle all possible sport situations with dignity and confidence.

Your child can learn to overcome anxiety, bounce back quickly, and get control of their thoughts & emotions.

Here’s the problem..

Student athletes are some of the busiest people on the planet.

I wanted to come up with a way to help as many kids as possible overcome their mental demons so they can live up to their full sport potential.

But, I struggled with finding a way to do this when there are only so many after school hours that aren’t eaten up with practice and homework.

So I’ve decided to teach you, the athlete’s support squad, how to transmit my message to them.

The #PerformHappy community was born!

I will teach you how to help your child break through mental barriers to success… one car ride or heart to heart at a time.

I was a teenage athlete. I loved gymnastics.  I was told I was too tall and too old, but I didn’t care.  I loved my sport.  The problems started happening when the pressure increased.  Skills got scarier.  The pressure to do well increased.  I started getting really nervous to compete, and I let the fear get the best of me.  I ended up quitting the sport and always regretted not going further.

Now, I work with teenage athletes, teaching them the Perform Happy mindset (peak performance + maximum enjoyment)

  • Free from fear, worry, and self-consciousness
  • Focused
  • Confident
  • Happy!

There’s a scientifically proven series of characteristics that help young athletes Perform Happy

  1. I’ll teach you how to get your athlete to open up to you about their sport
  2. Then we’ll show you the simple skills your young athlete needs
  3. You get VIP access to me and the other parents in the PerformHappy community along the way

We want to get your happy, healthy, successful child through the teen years, with a positive sport experience to look back on.


Sound good?