Meet Coach Diana

Diana Lattimore, PhD, CMPC

Diana competed at a Division I university, and despite a major injury her freshman year, she was able to come back to finish a great collegiate gymnastics career.

That injury paved the way to her career in Sport Psychology.  She has been helping athletes for the past 10 years gain mental strength to get back in the sports they love and thrive in them.

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  • Works with individual athletes as well as teams
  • Works with injured athletes and athletes who have lost their confidence
  • Certified mental performance coach
  • Associate professor
  • National-rated gymnastics judge


  • Undergraduate degree in Psychology
  • Master’s degree in Exercise & Sport Scienc (with a specialization in Sport Psychology)
  • PhD in Exercise Science


I just wanted to share this text that I just received from Taylor when I asked her how her first session with Diana Was:
"GREAT I LOVE HER!!!  She's sooooo nice and understands"
As a parent, that is the greatest gift I could hope for, so thank you!
Elissa, Mother of Level 8 Gymnast

Our daughter warmed up to Diana right away. She trusted her and looked forward to her sessions each week. We were so pleased with how Diana helped her overcome her fears and mental blocks. The exercises that Diana recommended, such as visualizing the series and her events, helped our daughter tremendously. She uses the exercises every day at practice and before she goes to bed. Diana also helped her overcome many other obstacles along the way.

Her coach commented that she is working harder now and has more confidence. It has been a true pleasure working with Diana. She will miss talking to her each week. We will be sure to ask for more sessions if they are needed, and will recommend her to other parents and/or coaches.

Mother of Level 7 Gymnast