Hi, I’m Rebecca Smith.  I’m a High Performance Coach, Director of Complete Performance Coaching, and founder of the #PerformHappy community for sport parents.


I believe kids need an outlet to talk about their feelings, but they don’t necessarily want it to be their coach or parents.

I believe mental skills translate to all areas of your life.

I believe that if kids are taught skills to cope with stress & emotion in a sport context, they will be better prepared to thrive in all areas of their life.

I believe that discomfort is a catalyst for growth.

I believe everyone deserves a purposeful life.

I believe everyone deserves hope.

I help kids overcome adversity.

I turn the light back on in people’s eyes.

I open up possibilities.

I want kids to find personal success and passion.

I help people maximize personal potential.


I believe that examining the stories we tell ourselves, and taking a look from different angles, can change everything.

Maybe you’re a gymnast with a fear of going backwards.  A swimmer who can’t seem to go any faster.  Or a parent who is clueless about how to help your child succeed.  

I can help.  

Most of my clients start to see amazing results after just a few sessions.  Many feel more confident and less anxious after just the first phone call.  

I have a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology, and I’ve been helping high achievers thrive under pressure for over 15 years.

I work with people of all ages and skill levels.  From youth and recreational sports, to elite, collegiate, professional and Olympic level athletes. I’ve taught life and performance skills to musicians, at-risk youth, teens, leaders, and business professionals.  I have a special love for working with kids, teens, and individual sports including gymnastics, swimming, golf, and tennis.

I work with individuals and teams from all over the US and the world via Skype or telephone.  I also meet clients face-to-face in Northern California.

To see if working with me is a fit for you or your child, let’s chat!  

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